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About the Web Concert Hall

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The newly inaugurated Web Concert Hall was created to open exciting new frontiers in the performance of serious music, from the point of view both of the performers and of those interested in hearing them, and to do so in a context which radically enlarges the educational impact of musical performance as we move into the Twenty First Century .

For performers, Web Concert Hall provides a new venue, especially to those performers who have little opportunity to present themselves to a wide enough audience to make their work known and appreciated. Many very able performers enjoy limited if any opportunity to reach a wide or an extremely sophisticated audience, typically because of geography and money. If the performer does not reside in a major global center of musical performance where such audience members typically reside the performer can not easily assemble and appropriate audience. Moreover, even if the performer lives in such a global center, the cost is usually out of reach of mounting a major recital and of producing and distributing a suitably high-quality recording of the performance to multiply its effect. Individual performers can seldom manage such an effort themselves and agents accustomed to doing so find it difficult to get to know and to decided upon supporting such performers beyond those few they chance to encounter in the major musical capitals. The Web Concert Hall, with the high quality audio affords a way to overcome all such obstacles by tapping directly into a world-wide audience at a low cost and thereby easily presenting able performers from anywhere in the world to that audience.

For sophisticated audiences, the web offers a way to enjoy and support serious musical artists where ever they may be and from whatever locale they find it convenient to perform. Such audience members may themselves be widely distributed and yet now need not incur the expense of traveling to a musical capital or purchasing recordings of unknown artists without first hearing them perform. Moreover, they can not only hear such performers, they can also communicate with them about their performance via the INTERNET structure upon which the web is based.

It hardly need be added that the educational possibilities opened up by such web performance are equally exciting. Students or potential students and therefore supporters of serious music may through web-based performance on the Web Concert Hall enjoy a wide range of performances of all kinds that previous to this time would have been totally out of reach to them unless they personally, or the educationalconcertlobby_l.gif (24525 bytes) institutions and agencies with which they are associated, have the budgets and the geographical location to make attendance of a wide range of serious music easily realizable. Moreover, just like any already committed serious music lovers, students accessing the Web Concert Hall can also easily interact with the performers and those managing or sponsoring their music for educational benefit, via the INTERNET structure.

Finally, as music and art have themselves been widely globalized in the last few centuries especially, helping humans to understand themselves in a wider context that was ever before possible, the Web Concert Hall will make possible a global appreciation of, and communication concerning, serious music of all kinds.

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