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Piano / Keyboard

J.S. Bach B-flat Minor, BWV 867
arrow_red.gif Prelude
arrow_red.gif Fugue
Brahms - Ballades, Op.10
arrow_red.gif No.1 in D minor
arrow_red.gif No.2 in D minor

Philip Amalong
arrow_red.gif interview


S. Rachmaninov -

arrow_red.gif Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini


Koshoeva Kairy
arrow_red.gif interview

Kent Holliday
arrow_red.gif Incantations from the Popol Vuh

D. Kabalevsky-Preludes

Louise Billaud

L.V. Beethoven - Sonata No.31
arrow_red.gif 1st Movement
arrow_red.gif 2nd Movement

arrow_red.gif 3rd Movement

F. Chopin - arrow_red.gifPolonaise No.7 in A-flat op.61

arrow_red.gif Rain Tree Sketch II

Kanae Koshi
arrow_red.gif Interview

A. Khachaturian

arrow_red.gif Elergy

arrow_red.gif 1st Movement
arrow_red.gif 2nd Movement
arrow_red.gif 3rd Movement

Gianeh Arakelyan

"Rememberance of September 11"

arrow_red.gif Selection One
arrow_red.gif Selection Two

arrow_red.gif Selection Three
arrow_red.gif Selection Four

Helen Lin
Helen Lin
Beethoven Sonata in C# minor Op.27, No.2
Presto Agitato

F. Chopin
Barcarolle Op.60- Chopin

Alan Hobbins
arrow_red.gifLiszt - Ave Maria and Funerailles 1 & 2

arrow_red.gif Grieg - Piano Sonata op.7
arrow_red.gif 1st. Movement
arrow_red.gif 2nd. Movement
arrow_red.gif 3rd. Movement
arrow_red.gif 4th Movement

rhawkins2.jpg (13949 bytes)
Ronald Hawkins
S. Rachmaninoff
Sonata No. 1 in D minor Op.28
S. Rachmaninoff - Elergy

Gold Medalist of 1997 San Antonio International Comp.

arrow_red.gif (58 bytes)Mi Jung Im (Piano)
Igor Stravinsky - Petrouchka 

S. Rachmaninoff
Concerto No. 3 in D minor Op.28

Grand prize winner of 1999 International Web Concert Hall Competition and the first prize of Ivo Pogorelich International Piano Competition

gwhyneth.gif (10785 bytes)
arrow_red.gif (58 bytes)Gwhyneth Chen (Piano)
F. Chopin
Prelude in Ab Mj
Prelude in Gb mi
Etude in C minor

Special Prize winner of 1999 International Web Concert Hall Competition


arrow_red.gifVaila Mead (Piano)

J.S. Bach: The Well Tempered Clavier Book I. Prelue, fugue in C Major

F. Schubert: Impromptu op.90 No.4 A-flat Major

Charles T-Griffes: Roman Sketches op.7

arrow_red.gif (58 bytes)Aiko Toyoda (Piano)
Messiaen (RealAudio)

R. Schumann(RealAudio)

Semi-Finalist of 1999 International Web Concert Hall Competition

arrow_red.gif (58 bytes)Tomomi Ohrui
D. Shostakovich
arrow_red.gif (58 bytes)Concertino op.94 in A minor
arrow_red.gif (58 bytes)Tarantella
arrow_red.gif (58 bytes)Waltz and Polka

Sergei Prokofiev
arrow_red.gif (58 bytes)Schubert Waltzes(MP3)
arrow_red.gif (58 bytes)Schubert Waltzes(RA.lo)
arrow_red.gif (58 bytes)Schubert Waltzes(RA.hi)

duo.gif (10708 bytes)
arrow_red.gif (58 bytes)Genova & Dimitrov (Piano Duo)
i_heifetz2.gif (11442 bytes)

arrow_red.gif (58 bytes)Ina Heifetz (Piano)


Franz Liszt

I Andante con moto
II Un poco piu mosso
III Lento placido
IV Quasi Adagio
V Andantino
VI Alegretto sempre cantabile
Hungarian Rhapsody No.6
Hungarian Rhapsody No.12

F. Chopin  Six Polish Songs
The Maiden's Wish (Zyszenie)
Spring (Wiosna)
The Ring (Pierscien)
Bacchanal (Hulanka)
My Darling (Moja pieszczotka)
The Bridegroom (Narzeczony)

G. Verdi -  Rigoletto Fantasy

malan.gif (17900 bytes)
arrow_red.gif (58 bytes)Petronel Malan (Piano)

Winner of 2000 International Web Concert Hall Competition and a silver medal in the 1999 New Orleans International Piano Competition

arrow_red.gif (58 bytes)J.S. Bach Prelude & Fugue No.9 WTC II E Major (Low - 1.4 mg) (Hi - 3.6mg)

arrow_red.gifM. Ravel "La Valse" Low - 3.3mg) 
arrow_red.gif (58 bytes)
W.A. Mozart Sonata in D major K.576
Allegro - (MP3  2.7Mg.  RA  2.2 Mg.)
Adagio - (MP3  4.0 Mg.  RA 1.7 Mg.)
Allegretto- (MP3  2.9Mg.  RA 2.4 Mg.)

albert.gif (6861 bytes)

arrow_red.gif (58 bytes)Albert Tiu (Piano)
Winner of 2000 International Web Concert Hall Competition and the recipient of the 1998 Juilliard William Petschek Recital Award

arrow_red.gif (58 bytes)J.S. Bach - Chaconne in D minor (MP3 - 9.8mg)

arrow_red.gif (58 bytes)Bach Partita in E major (Transcription of Partita for Unaccompanied Violin)
Timothy Smith (Organ)


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