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Join the Web Concert Hall Artists



If you wish to join the Web Concert Hall Artists series, (1) send the following information about yourself:



150 words of performer's bio : (Please Include your URL, if any)

E-mail Address:

(2) submit your recording in one of the following format (e.g., CD, MP3, Windows Media) either mail or email to webconcerthall@usa.com; and (3) your letter of interest. Once we receive your material, you will be notified via email and your performance will be evaluated by the Web Concert Hall Pro-Artist Committee. Upon approval, you will receive the letter of acceptance and your material will be displayed on the Webconcerthall site.

Web Concert Hall - AUH
Join Artist Division
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Rockville, MD 20850    USA

Note: All decisions are final and submitted item(s) will not be returned to the sender.


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