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MI-gardnerarrow_red.gif (58 bytes) Web Concert Hall was the core study of ‘Depth in Music History via Technology" published in the book titled ‘Multiple Intelligence and New Methods in College Teaching: Articles by Howard Gardner and 21 Educators’ (2004) Bentos Books NY.



Classical Music 101arrow_red.gif (58 bytes) The Web Concert Hall quoted in Classical Music 101 by Fred Plotkin(2002).



Image9a.gif (5344 bytes)arrow_red.gif (58 bytes) Musicalonline and the Web Concert Hall: Serious music websites linking professional communication, performance, and education The paper published in Oslo, Norway on June 1999 - International conference in Telecommunications for Education and Training.  Authors: Dr. Yoon-il Auh and Prof. Robert P. Taylor of Columbia University Teachers College
mainphoto_sm.gif (6403 bytes)arrow_red.gif (58 bytes) Bottom-Up Bizet. Author: Prof. Robert P. Taylor of Columbia University Teachers College


arrow_red.gif (58 bytes) Designing an Interdisciplinary Learning Web Portal for Music Students: The Web Concert Hall Article presented at 2001 International Conference TET (Telecommunications for Education and Training) at Prague, Czech Republic
arrow_red.gif (58 bytes) The Impact of the Recording Technology in the Performing Arts

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